Junae Benne – The Natural Hair Gamer

Good Morning! This is our first meeting so I will do my best to make an awesome and long lasting impression.

I am a NATURAL HAIR GAMER! This means I love my hair and video games! My original title was VideoGame Journalist but I felt like I could make it more personal. Video Game Journalism is a lot a fun but as a journalist I more interest that I like to incorporate.

Cool Hair Hacks

The GAMER part: I love video games. I play on all consoles. I’m starting to get into more computer games because now I can actually afford a computer with a good processor and graphics card. I do game plays with a bit a commentary on all games like Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeons Because… I Don’t Know, The Lego Movie game and ooh my upcoming favorite the EA UFC 2014- the first edition to include women fighters. I do all sorts of game genres. I also do any console in which I have access. You can check those out on my Youtube Channel: Junae Benne.

The NATURAL HAIR part: For those who don’t know – Natural Hair applies to those who are wearing their natural curls. I believe this is safe to say this mostly applies to women of color. With this portion of my title I post hashtags like: Natural Hair Tips of The Day, Natural Hair Myths, Things Not To Say To Someone With Natural Hair. As I learn about my hair I educate others.
I also do natural hair product reviews. They are intertwined with my game reviews.

Every two weeks I release a podcasts on SoundCloud. I talk about anime, movies, music, video games, hair and random things that happen to me. Tune-in to see what’s this week’s topic.
I also release videos often with my gameplay and hair tips.


Different [Brush] Strokes for Different [Brushing] Folks

When you walk into the store to purchase a hairbrush, what type do you choice? Do you use a hair brush at all?

Based on your hair care needs, your brush selection should be made.
1If you have a lot of frizz or are styling your hair, a boar brush is a great option.

If you are looking for control, depending on the spacing of the bristles a nylon brush is the option for you.
If you aren’t sure of your needs, a porcupine brush would be a great choice. It works well on both fine and thick hair since it’s a mixture of boar and nylon bristles.

Metal brushes, while suggested in the past for 4b/c hair, is only a good idea for wigs and weaves.
Keep in mind; depending on where you are in your natural hair journey and how much time and dedication you have, you can train your hair to do what you like.

For example, though my buddy managed to train heir hair to lie down in the front. Now she uses headbands just as an accessory.
Personally, I used to be the store like, “I ain’t got no type. I’ll use any brush that I like.” And that’s an awful stance to take when caring about your natural hair.

Be picky when choosing your brush, your hair deserves it.
Holla back with what type of brush you use for your hair needs and if it works for you.