About Me

About Me

Hey I’m Junae I’m new to this game
I play videogames with no shame
Don’t get it twisted

I’ll push your buttons like a Playstation Controlla
I’m a natural hair gama
Tryna catch a lil fama

Don’t pretend like you don’t see me
because I’m coming you strong
I’m checking these B’s like O.B.G.s

About Me in Plain English

I am a Natural Hair Gamer – meaning I don’t use chemicals in my hair to make it straight or curly. I use the least toxic products available.

That explains the Natural Hair part.

Now the Gamer portion – I love videogames so much I made a career out of it. I am a video game journalist as well as a a natural hair enthusiast. So I review video games as well as hair products.
I do like to rap – just because. In truth; I’m a radio head. I do support up & coming artists. And you can get featured on my website. Perhaps an artist of the day or an artist of the week.
I will take suggestions about games or products to review just drop them under the questions or comments sections.

Check out my videos and podcasts. They will go hand in hand.
Got any Chic Geek outfits? Do you have natural hair & you love video games?
Tag my hashtags: #ChicyGeek #NaturalHairGamer

Add me on XBL: JunaeBenne
PSN: Junae_Guapa

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